21 JUN
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Heavy rain and flooding – what you need to know

The South African Weather Service issued severe weather alerts for the Western Cape this...

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28 NOV
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Heavy rain and flooding – what you need to know!

Heavy rainfall contributes to smaller rivers and low-lying areas filling up quickly, leaving...

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27 FEB
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What to do during flash floods?

With reports of various dams in and around Gauteng reaching full capacity, there might be a...

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CPR saves lives!

The thing about an emergency is that you never know when one may arise?

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22 FEB
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Paramedics kept busy during reports of flooding in Gauteng

Paramedics were kept busy during the night attending to several reports of flooded roads,...

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22 APR
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ER24’s Cape Town branches kept busy during storm

ER24’s Cape Town branches were kept busy since a severe storm hit Cape Town this afternoon....

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