Truck Drags Polo 500 Meters

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Two men have been killed after their car rolled on the N1 near the Grasmere Toll Plaza.
It is believed that the VW Polo was travelling in the direction of the Toll Plaza when the driver suddenly lost control and the vehicle crossed the center median and rolled. The first patient was ejected out of the vehicle and found lying next to the road in the grass of the center median.
When paramedics arrived at the scene, there was a large amount of debris spread across the lanes on the opposite side of the road, and another man was found lying on the opposite side of the highway, a short was down the grassy embankment.
Sadly. both men had died on the scene prior to arrival of the paramedics, and they are believed to have sustained multiple traumatic injuries.
As paramedics were driving to where the accident is believed to have occurred, they noticed a truck parked on the opposite bound carriageway. It was further determined that once the Polo had rolled and crossed the center median, a truck was travelling in the opposite direction. The truck then crashed into the Polo, dragging it along the highway for approximately 500 meters in the direction of Johannesburg. The highway was littered with debris from the vehicle, and two of the three lanes had to be closed to traffic.
The Polo’s roof was wedged against the front of the truck, and a thorough search was done to determine whether there had been any more occupants of the vehicle. It seems that the two men who were initially ejected were the only two occupants of the vehicle.
The driver of the truck was not injured in the accident.
The necessary authorities attended the scene for investigation purposes.

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