Truck on fire injures four

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An incident involving a truck occured tonight on the N12 Eastbound close to Atlas Road in Johannesburg, Gauteng.   A truck transporting a variety of goods caught fire while in motion. How the fire started is unknown. Four people were in the back of the truck and when the fire started, they then allegedly jumped out of the truck while it was still in motion. The driver of the vehicle then stopped the truck and also got out of the vehicle. The four people that were in the back sustained injuries ranging from minor to moderate. The driver, fortunately, sustained no injuries.   When ER24 paramedics arrived on scene they found the truck engulfed in flames on the highway. They then treated and transported two patients to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The other two patients were transported by other services.   The cause of this incident remains unknown, however local authorities were on scene for further investigation.

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