Two killed, four injuried in truck collision

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Two men have been killed and three others injured this morning after a truck collided with two light motor vehicles on the N14 Pinehaven intersection, west of Johannesburg. ER24 paramedics were at the petrol station when they heard a loud crash and turned to witnessed the collision. A large truck had driven through the intersection, colliding with a light motor vehicle and dragging another for roughly one kilometre. On assessment, paramedics found the lifeless body of the truck driver lying in the intersection. Unfortunately the driver had already succumbed to his fatal injuries. It is believed that he had jumped from his vehicle upon the collision, but got caught beneath the vehicle tires. One vehicle was found beneath the wheels of the truck while a second vehicle was found in the nearby intersection. Fire services had to extinguish a small fire that had broken out on the truck while paramedics assessed the occupants of the light motor vehicle. The lifeless body of the driver and passenger in a critical condition were found trapped inside the vehicle. Rescue services had to use the jaws-of-life equipment to free the patients before treatment could continued. Once freed, paramedics treated the patient and provided him with advanced life support interventions to stabilise his vital signs. He was later airlifted by the ER24 helicopter to Johannesburg Hospital for urgent treatment. Unfortunately nothing more could be done for the driver and he was declared dead. Three other patients were found in the second vehicle with minor injuries. Paramedics treated the patients and thereafter transported them to a nearby hospital for further treatment. Local authorities were on sxene to investigate the cause of the collision.

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