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[MEYERTON] Three people, including six-month-old, seriously injured in R59 collision

Three people, including a six-month-old baby, sustained serious injuries following a collision with a truck on the R59 near Johan Le Roux Road on Saturday evening.

At approximately 8 pm on Saturday evening, paramedics from ER24 and Meyerton Fire Department arrived on the scene. Shortly before ER24’s arrival on scene, fire and rescue services extricated the critically injured six-month-old girl from the back of a severely mangled vehicle. She had sustained severe head injuries when the roof of the vehicle crashed down onto her. A man and a woman were in a serious condition and also rushed to hospital. A second child from the vehicle was assessed on scene but found with no injuries. She was later left in the car of her grandfather.

It is understood that the family’s vehicle broke down and they were on the side of the road when a large truck crashed into the back of their vehicle. The driver of the truck sustained minor injuries. He was also transported to hospital.

Local authorities attended the scene.

[Photos courtesy Meyerton Fire Department]