Unknown man found with fatal injuries in Thokoza

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JOHANNESBURG EAST – Thokoza 10 AUGUST 2013 at 04:40 During the early hours of this morning the ER24 Emergency Contact Centre received an emergency call from a concerned motorist on Mandisa Street in Thokoza, east of Johannesburg. The caller explained that there was a man lying in the road but was unsure if it was safe to stop and assist the man. ER24 immediately dispatched paramedics and police to the incident and requested the caller to move to a safe area until emergency services arrived. Paramedics that arrived on the scene found the unknown man lying in the middle of the road with fatal injuries. It is unclear what lead to the man’s injuries. He was declared dead on the scene and handed over to the local police for further investigation into the matter. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Thokoza police station.

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