[VAAL MARINA] Severe wind injures at least 50, destroys property

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At least 50 people sustained minor injuries after a severe wind caused extensive damage in the Vaal Marina area in Midvaal late this afternoon.

When ER24 paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after 18H00, they found extensive damage caused by the wind. Rooftops were blown off and power lines were damaged. People on the scene described it as a tornado to paramedics.

Upon further assessment, paramedics found at least 50 patients sustained minor injuries. Half of the patients were treated on the scene and a total of 25 patients were transported by ER24, as well as another medical service on the scene, to hospital for further medical care.

The exact details surrounding the incident were not yet known to our paramedics but local authorities were on the scene.

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  • Well done ER24.
    People don’t appreciate your service until they need it themselves.
    Pat yourselves on the back.
    Herman From Harties