Young Hero (8) Saves Brother’s Life

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“We can never repay Jaeden… we are totally indebted to him.” These were the words of Claire Searra, mother of Jaeden-Lee (8) when he saved his four year old brother’s life in July this year.

 Young Hero AwardOn 12 July Jaeden and his twin brothers, Chase and Preston (4) were playing in the backyard at their residence on the East Rand. Chase and Preston were riding their bikes when Chase fell into the pool. Jaeden, jumping on the trampoline at the time, saw what had happened and also noticed that the pool safety net tore loose on the one side. Chase was sinking fast with the bike still on top of him.

“Jaeden yanked his little brother by the arm and pulled him out before he drowned”, said Claire. Claire was in the kitchen at the time and noticed a commotion when Jaeden, still soaking wet, came running into the kitchen with his little brother.

Claire explained that she was particularly worried as Chase suffers from epilepsy and was not sure if an attack could have been triggered by these events.

Claire explained that if Jaeden was not jumping on the trampoline during that time, events would have turned out completely different, “I believe that God is using Jaeden as one of His little guardian angels to watch over his twin brothers.”

ER24 were notified of this incident shortly after it occurred and decided to honour Jaeden-Lee Searra for his quick thinking and unselfish act.

On Friday 19 August Jaeden-Lee Searra received a Young Hero Award from ER24’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Boden.

Jaeden was shown around the ER24 Head Office to meet some of the paramedics as well as to see what happens when someone calls for an ambulance. He also got some time to play with the sirens of an ambulance.

Chase suffered no serious injuries and playing is back to the top of his list.

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